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Hello, I have an Aspire One D260 that started to move between programs, icons, or whatever is on the screen by itself. I run the McAfee viruscan and spyware but didn't work. Any suggestions what can this be?
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  1. What do you mean by "it started to move between programs, icons and whatever is on the screen itself"?

    What started to move?? You mean the cursor? Is it just moving or is it clicking and opening programs?
  2. cursor is moving down permanently, not opening programs, just moving down incessantly. I can't open anything or click any specific icon, program, etc.
  3. Hi,

    If you boot in safemode (press f8 before windows boot), does it do the same thing

    can you disable the touch pad ?

    you can aslo plug in a mouse to see.

    good luck
  4. Could be the down arrow on the keyboard, too. Stuck or broken.
  5. I plugged in a mouse and it didn't work. Keeps doing the same thing. I reset the computer to factory settings and it got a little bit better, but when at internet, starts doing the same thing again. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't. HELP....
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