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I bought a new computer for our office. We had a folder set up for scans to be sent to on our old deskop. How do I set up the new computer so that anytime the staff scans something to the address that is in the scanner that I my assistant will receive it in her scan folder automatically
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  1. Is it a network scanner (like a big Xerox or Ricoh multifunction device) or is it a USB scanner (like a flatbed)?

    Either way you'll need to make sure you've created the folder and configured the device to scan to it. With a USB scanner it will be in the software suite, where-as with a bigger network device you'll likely need to set the path on the device itself.
  2. Also make sure the user account you use to log onto the machine (if network scanner) has permissions to read/write/modify each scan folder you're setting up.
  3. Share the folder that is being used to store the scans, give the user account on the new computer rights to get into that share and folder.

    Or better yet, buy a network storage device, use that to store the files. It's a lot easier to manage and backup. You ARE doing backups of the data right?
  4. Just get into scanner settings and change it from there. It will really depend on manufacturer and drivers you have
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