Whats the best partition size for WinXP?

Im buying a new 120GB hard drive this week as my old 10GB one not only is insufficient but is also about ready to bite the dust. Im thinking on separating the new hard drive in two partitions: One for the operating system (WinXP) and the other for everything else.

My question is, how big should the WinXP partition be? A friend of mine told me that 5GB are enough but im thinking about 10GB. What do you think is best?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. IMO 5GB is a little small and 10 is a little large. You could get away with 5GB, but I think that’s cutting it close, unless you’re trying to spare as much space as possible. I would suggest a little breathing room and go with 7 GB.

    I would also split what was left in two:
    C:/ 7GB
    D:/rghly 56GB
    E:/ rghly 56GB

    You can split it up quiet a few ways if your familiar with partitioning.
    <A HREF="http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;313348" target="_new">HOW TO: Partition and Format a Hard Disk in Windows XP</A>
    Also might need.<A HREF="http://www.mirrors.org/archived_software/www.bootdisk.com/original.htm" target="_new">bootdisk</A>

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  2. if you can run with both drives I'd leave Windows on C(10) and put all your data on D(120).


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  3. Install all your programs on the same partition as your OS. I've got an 80 gig drive that I partitioned 20 gigs for windows + programs, 50 gigs for data/music/etc, and the rest is my linux stuff, but that's beside the point.

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  4. I was always told to split into three partitions. One for the OS and programs that work closely with it like Internet Explorer, MS Office, Virus Protection, etc..., two for other programs like all games, photoshop, dreamweaver, applications, and three for all file storage (MP3's, documents, porn). With 120GB (and you're not going to get all 120GB out of the drive, more like 105-115 actual storage) I would do:

    Partition one: 7 MB - Windows and related
    Partition two: Programs: 80 MB - Games and apps
    Partition three: Files: 25-35 MB - MP3's, documents, porn

    You can of course adjust the size of partition two and three according to your needs, but the idea is to seperate your stuff so that if something goes wrong in one partition you don't lose everything.

  5. That are some small partitions.
    7 <b>Mb</b>
    80 <b>Mb</b>
    I think you mean <b>Gigabite(Gigs)</b>, but the proportion are pretty much what I would do.

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  6. Uhhhhhh you got me. I meant <b>GB</b>.

  7. What is with you ppl? I've got XP on a 3.5 gig partition, and it does fine. Just make sure it stays clean. I've got the remainin 76.5 split into another 3.5 gigs for my 98 partition, and the remaining in half, and my other 80 gigs in half as well. It works out fine for me.

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  8. I usually make it 10GB.

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  9. well i have a 120Gb disk set up

    i have
    15Gb for programs & XP
    40Gb for install files, download files, and my documents, e.g. videoediting stuff.
    60Gb for music and othe rlarge files

    its all good for me!!!!
    15 Gb might be pretty large for XP but still no harm done
  10. are you doing a dual boot with linux with one drive partioned up like that?

    if so in what order did you do it?
  11. I would also set aside an 800 mb partition just for the swap/page file. I have done that on both my xp and ME computer and it works good. Helps keep the main partition from getting fragmented soo much. Set the others up how you want or follow what the other guys have said.
  12. umm my 1.5Gb swap file (yeah i know its huge isn't it, but its default coz i have 1Gb ram)
    doesn't actually move at all and is perminetly reserved for swap files (so is empty half the time)

    anyway whats the advantage of making another partition for that??
    my swap files don't fragment anything for me.
  13. It doesnt fragment because its not being used. On a computer that uses the swapfile alot it will make the drive fragmented overtime. It takes up diskspace which files will be written around. Plus the swap file doesnt always use the same area of the drive. It can move. Plus its rewritten evertime the computer is booted. no info is saved in the swapfile when the computer is shutdown.
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