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Alright, so, just to be simple here is the issue with the laptop. It is an HP Pavilion dv5-1002nr. I installed Windows Vista onto it after recieving it without a harddrive (obviously I put in a new one). However, after several hours after the installation - it died. I powered it back on and nothing happens except for lights, and blinking lights at the Caps Lock and Scroll key. Later I found out that these are for the POST on the laptop. According the HP troubleshooting help resource, this means a bad processor. So, I promptly replace the processor (today actually) and now it is still doing the same issue. Before that I tried just reseating it, test the heat sink, reseat the memory, replace memory, and test other components. It is working fine it seems except for this one issue (which, really means it is not working fine). It would though, if it wasn't for the issue. Has anybody esle ever run into this problem? If so, have you solved it.
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  1. Could be a video card or motherboard. No real fix aside from a system board swap. These HP systems are well known for this.
  2. After doing some research (more detailed than I was doing before) I found some other similiar problems. These people already tried switching the system board and that didn't really help them out. I even tried some funky last ditch effort of taking out CPU and RAM and then turning it on, then turn it off, then replace, then turn bakc on - nothing. Some forums said to try that. I also tried replacing the CMOS. And if it was the system board, would it not power on at all?
  3. The only thing that would prevent it from powering on (even to the point of lights etc...) would be a totally dead battery with no wall power or a bad power circuit where the laptop receives no power to the system at all. A bad motherboard can power up enough to beep, flash lights, etc...
  4. Mkay, thank you so much for answering my questions. I think it is not worth fixing anymore and better used for scrapping and wall mounted decorations. Thank you for your help.
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