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Hello, I have a desktop compaq/vista. Recently, my computer has been restarting on its own. Until one day when I went to log in my keyboard and mouse won't work. I don't have a backup disk, it won't let me do a system restore and when I tried to do a recovery the dvd drive is not reconizing none of my disk. My mouse and keyboard works perfectly in bios. I truly need the documents, music and pictures saved on my pc. What can I do?
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  1. Hello danyelle71;

    That's not sounding good.
    Almost sounds as if someone else has control of your laptop?

    Something you can try - bootup with a LiveCD and bypass the installed Windows on the laptop.
    Ubuntu Desktop lets you download and burn a complete operating system onto a CD/DVD or a USB thumb drive.
    Use the F12 key at power on to choose the drive (CD/DVD or USB) to boot Ubuntu.
    For the CD, choose Try It and not the install option and you can run the OS from the CD.

    It's not windows, but it does have a File Manager you can probably work with to locate your personal files and data and copy them off to a USB thumb drive.
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