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I'm having some problems with a Windows 7 machine. It was running fine until recently, just started this afternoon actually. The computer tends to stop responding periodically, whatever program I happen to be using at the time will stop responding, as well as what seems to be the entire computer. I get the blue spinning circle, the default Win7 "I'm thinking" cursor, and I can't click on anything. It'll hang like this for awhile, before the screen just goes entirely black. This problem doesn't seem to be triggered by any one specific event or program, either. When the screen goes black, I do have a cursor that I can move, just the normal mouse cursor, but there is nothing to click on and the computer doesn't respond to either Ctrl + Shift + Escape for the Task Manager or the Ctrl + Alt + Delete for the Win7 option screen. This is a brand new hard drive in the computer, only a few weeks old with a near new installation of Win7 that was installed at the time the hard drive was purchased. I've found solutions that were meant for Windows Vista saying that some of the system files are corrupt and that I should do a clean install, and from what I understand, Win7 is similar to Vista. I'm looking for a way that I could possibly find a workaround without needing to do a clean install if possible. Thanks for any responses in advance!

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  1. Did you do a clean install or an upgrade?
    Do you have all the latest W7 drivers installed? check the device manager for any that show a yellow sticker.
  2. This was a clean install as it was a brand new hard drive, and as far I'm aware, the Win7 drivers were all installed properly. As of right now, the computer won't even start up. It gets past the motherboard splash screen and the stops before it gets to the Win7 loading screen. I just have to turn the computer off and back on to get it to restart... And this is to no avail because the computer just gets stuck in the same loop. Periodically it will tell me "A disk read error occured. Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". When I do that, though, the same problem occurs; it either takes me to that error message or the screen goes blank before the Win7 loading screen shows. Also, if I leave the computer on the blank screen long enough, it will restart itself.

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