ATI Radeon 9700 Pro - Screen Lockups

I just built a new pc, and everything runs fine until I start to try and run games. I've tried to run Warcraft 3 and Age of Mythology, but a few seconds after getting to the title screen my screen locks up and only the mouse pointer can be moved (cd audio continues to play). It happens every time, and it's unrecoverable so I have to reboot. The Windows 2000 Event Log never captures any error during the lockup, and I have been unable to find a utility to capture data from the lockup.

Here are the specs of my system:
OS: Windows 2000 Professional (w/ DirectX 9)
Motherboard: GNB Max (Granite Bay Chipset)
Memory: 2x Corsair DDR PC3500 512mb 2.0 CL (Matched Pair)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Hard Drive: Western Digital 120gig 8mb Cache
CPU: Intel P4 2.53 533FSB (running at 39 degrees C)
CD ROM: Plextor 48x/24x/48x
Power Supply: Enermax 450w
Fans: I have a total of 9 fans running in my Coolermaster case. That includes the fan on the 9700, and the GNB Max. Cooling should not be a problem.

If anyone has any ideas about potential conflicts or incorrect default settings, please post.

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  1. I Have the same problems so if u get any idea of how to solve this plz let me know, ill do the same.

    I also use "Granite bay Chipset" on the Asus board
    My gfx card is a Sapphire Atlantis pro
  2. Try removing one stick of ram, then try it,

    Put it back in, remove the other one, then try it,

    I resolved my probleme I had last night by doing that, one stick was bad...

    Maiden's gonna get y'a!
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