Did I get a good deal?

I just bought a laptop on ebay for $330. It's a dell inspiron 1564 with a core i3 330m processor, 4gb memory ,250gb hdd, webcam, 15.6" screen, dvd-rw drive, and windows 7 home premium. I thought it was a great deal, but wanted to see what you guys thought of it and if anyone had one. I kno it got good reviews but I wanted other opinions. Thanks!
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    Seems quite good, yes. It doesn't have a graphics card, though, so it won't be able to run any kind of games. For normal stuff, though, for web browsing and word processing, it'll be good.
  2. that's actually not bad for 330, 15.6ers will typically run 500+ for that range
  3. Did it come with any kind of warrenty or tech support? What is going to be the use of the laptop? It has nice components and a good size screen , is it new or used.
  4. It's about $70 savings over the lowest cost Dell 15R at the moment.
    Dell Inspiron 15 Core i3 $400
  5. It's used, but in good shape according to the listing. No warranty as far as I can tell, but I've never really had any computer trouble. As for usage, just everyday stuff and i was thinking eventually some light gaming after some upgrades, if possible. I saw another thread that said i could go to a core i5 or i7 if I wanted to. If it has no gfx card, is there one I could get eventually?
  6. dschulz said:
    No warranty as far as I can tell, but I've never really had any computer trouble. you won't have any in the future? That doesn't make sense. Hardware issues have nothing to do with the person using the machine.

    It's generally not feasible to install a graphics card in a laptop.
  7. Most laptops aren't upgrade able unfortunately, unless you want to unsolder the i3 and solder in a better chip. Don't believe the GPU is upgrade able at all.
  8. Thats alright, this laptop will still keep me happy for quite a while. One of the main reasons I got it was for college since I'm a junior now. Btw, the chip is bga?
  9. Googling leads me to think so.
  10. Too bad. Oh well, if I ever need an upgrade, I guess I can just sell it and buy new one. For now I think I'll be happy. If a mod wants to close this topic, feel free.
  11. Pick a Best Answer and someone'll come along and close it.
  12. Sorry, didn't know I had to do that. (I'm new here) Will do.
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