Lost authentication password to e6400

i purchased latitude e6400 laptop from an individual at the flea market that had others forsale that were working.he had this one that did not have a chare or charger but assured me that it worked fine. well i finally got a charger and it works alright up to the point where it wants the authentication password on the white screen. hoping for some help in getting a password that i can finally be able to do something with it please!!!!
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  1. Hello gotconnd;

    You did indeed.
    See this sticky topic for that frequently asked question:
  2. will that help me
  3. You won't know till you talk to Dell, will you? The certainly know more about Latitude laptop support than any forum you could visit.

    In your position I'd return that laptop and get one of the others you'd seen and tested yourself.
    The 'missing charger' might have been the first (of many) clues you might have missed.
  4. You got a stolen laptop. No one can help you because its wrong. Take it to the police and have them help you.
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