Cpu spikes, poor performance?

Hello, I've been having troubles with my laptop lately and I wonder if you could give me hand.
I'm having poor performance when I'm playing games. I get like massive lag spikes, which makes gameplay impossible. Then, when I run the task manager, I can see that many processes have a lot of cpu usage, and many processes are very random, so this is very annoying and I think it's hardware-related. I also reinstalled windows last night and problem is still there (it's not a virus problem because my windows came with norton 360 for free, and I think is a good antivirus)
Anyway, my specs:

Cpu: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2390 1.86 ghz
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bits
Video: Intel GMA 965 express family
120 GB HDD

Oow, yes, almost forgot, my computer heats up a lot, when not doing anything, average temp is around 60º C, when playing, average temp is around 90ºC (It once reached 100ºC)
I hope you can help me.
Thanks anyway.
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  1. use msconfig to turn off programs that start automatically with windows .
  2. Pentium cpus are so slow they run so slow with under 3ghz. Try overclock your cpu. My pentium dual cpu run 3.6ghz and no faster than core 2 duo 1.6ghz
  3. Why are u using vista, upgrade to windows 7 or downgrade to xp to u will see improve performance
  4. And use speedfan to increase your fan speed
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