Will ATI's workstation card work !!

I've got ATI's Fire GL 8800, thats a workstation card , a bit expensive too, will it work on a gaming platform,
But i dontt know if it works well as it does for CAD.
i've got a MSI K7N2-L
2*256MB DDR333 Micron
XP 2000+
anyone having knowledge about that plz share it with me..
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  1. I hope you bought it for the same price as a Raedon 8500, ATI's FireGL are the exact same cards as other Radeons, they're priced higher because ATI made it "impossible" to install the professional CAD optimized drivers to run a Radeon BUT UnWinder, a russian programmer found a way to turn a Radeon into a <A HREF="http://nvworld.ru/docs/sfgl_e.html" target="_new">FireGL</A>

    That means you could have bought a Radeon 9700 and turned it into a FireGL X1 FOR FREE !

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  3. But my question is
    "Will it give me more performormance more than ordinary Radeon 8800 ??". If not, can i install radeon 8800's driver on it, for better performance
  4. There is no Radeon 8800, the FireGL 8800 is a Radeon 8500 core simply on different drivers. Now you may be able to flash the cad and run it like an R8500, but WHY? Simply sell your card and buy a new one if you want to do that, you could probably get a 9500 for the money you could get for a complete FireGL 8800, which would have MUCH better performance, heck you could probably BUY an 8500 and still have some money left over.

    In any case how/why did you get a FireGL? It's definitely NOT a gaming card.

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  5. Now what

    Anyone who wants to buy that from me
    at a much reasonable price .....BUT, how can this be when im in Lahore,Pakistan
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