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does anyone know how I can go to a restore point on Windows XP pro when I can't even get into windows XP? Is there some way I can get into DOS or something? I can get to the login screen and try to log in but then it kills me with things saying "windows was unable to write to the file ______. this data has been lost. please try to save it somewhere else". and it tells me to run chkdisk. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I tried doing the f8 thing 3 times (selecting the 2 restore options and the safemode option) but to no avail!
This happened when I did the "windows xp tweak guides 1 and 2" at thanks
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  1. Try going into safe mode at boot up by pressing F8 when you get your first screen.

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  2. Put in your WinXP loading CD, and Boot from the CD, like you would do if you were doing a clean install, after it loads all the files and prepares to install, it will take you to a screen with three options, one of those options is a repair option, and if it accepts to do the repair will restore your machine without loosing anything, I believe it might ask for the Administrator Password you put in to install, I don't remember if it asks for the password or not, but if it does you'll need it.

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  3. You will need to enter the CD key again if you repair-install.

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  4. press F8 during boot and select load last known good configuration.

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