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[META] I have decided to list the seven decks I am running, as well as
another I just thought of that actually uses a few more recent cards in
it. I don't have the time like I used to to really work on decks. More
importantly, I dont' have time to learn the new cards so as to
incorporate them into my decks. So I am going to lean on the group some
here to hopefully make my decks better, and also pick up some new tech
and be able to use some of the new cards in my decks. I will be listing
these decks in order of how much work I think they need. As a note, I
used FELDB to do these decks. Very nice, but it does leave the deck
lists not alphabetical. [/META]

[Amazingly, my two stealth bleed decks are not my most successful.
Which shows they need help I guess. Or is a comment on my play style.]

Deck Name: Malk Stealth Bleed
Created By: shorb
Description: This deck seems to have too big a crypt. I really wanted
to do monster bleeds, but it seems my vamps might be too big. Our
playgroup was moving away from defending big stealth bleed, which meant
when I went to tournaments, I wasn't prepared for it. So I decided to
bring big S&B to the playgroup, so that people would see it as a viable
option. Just to make it a little tough, I decided to do it 3/4.

I am wondering if I have enough stealth. I am thinking not, so I might
add 3 more Lost in Crowds, or maybe a smattering.

This used to be a 1/2 Malkavian S&B, so it had Revelations in it. But
now as a 3/4, the dominant 3 discipline is Presence. I have 5 slots,
what should I put in that is presence?

Crypt: (13 cards, Min: 30, Max: 39, Avg: 8.46)
2 Phillipe Rigaud ani aus obt DOM OBF PRO 7 Gangrel
2 Sebastian Goulet (ADV) cel pre pro DOM OBF 8 Gangrel
2 Sebastian Goulet cel pre pro DOM OBF 8 Gangrel
2 Amaravati ani chi DOM OBF QUI 8 Assamite
1 Kahina the Sorceress nec pre AUS DOM OBF SER 9 Followers of
1 Julio Martinez nec ANI DOM OBF POT 9 Nosferatu
1 Marcus Vitel (ADV) DOM FOR OBF OBT POT PRE 10 Lasombra
1 Marcus Vitel DOM FOR OBF OBT PRE 10 Ventrue
1 Esau AUS DEM DOM OBF PRE 10 Malkavian

Library: (82 cards)
Master (15 cards)
4 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Giant`s Blood
2 Golconda: Inner Peace
4 Minion Tap
4 Sudden Reversal

Action (9 cards)
2 Dominate Kine
7 Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier (33 cards)
6 Cloak the Gathering
8 Command of the Beast
7 Conditioning
2 Elder Impersonation
2 Foreshadowing Destruction
2 Lost in Crowds
6 Mask of a Thousand Faces

Political Action (1 cards)
1 Rumors of Gehenna

Reaction (19 cards)
8 Deflection
5 Obedience
6 Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combo (5 cards)
5 Swallowed by the Night

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chris shorb
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

    Hmm, my make up it totally different, so I am not sure how meaningful
    my advice can be. But it seems like your entire crypt is huge minions.
    I myself I tend to favor a few large and a few small minions. I would
    swap out the Marcus Vitel ADV with another basic because the
    advancement doesn't really help you much. I would take out the 2
    Assamites, the Follower of Set Esau, and the !Nosferatu. I would put in
    a two Reverend Blackwoods and 2 Catherine Du Bois to make the deck a
    little faster.

    I would lose one of the Dreams and tthree of the Sudden Reversals and
    put in one The Barrens, one Pentex Subversion, Police Department and
    one Pentex Loves You. I remove the Lost in the Crowds and the all but
    two of the Mask of 1000 Faces and with those 6 cards I would add 4
    Faceless Nights and Two Poltical Allies (your crypt will have 4 Venture
    at that point). I would lose two of the Deflections and put in 2 Lear
    Jets as this deck needs help with cycling.
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