ATI Mobility Radeon 5730 problem

All right I have a weird problem. I have an ASUS laptop with a first generation quad core i7 and an ATI Mobility Radeon 5730. Lately it has stopped running games as well as I would like it to. Specifically Modern Warfare 3. I keep lowering the graphics settings and it just gets worse and worse. So then I max out the graphics setting and it gets better. It's the weirdest thing, but I can't seem to get any kind of consistent performance out of it.
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  1. Update the graphic driver and make sure power profile set to high performance. If possible, use MSI Afterburner to OC the GPU. That card OC nicely.
  2. I already updated drivers and maxed out power consumption, which I forgot to mention I suppose, but I will definitely try MSI afterburner. Thanks.
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