Turning an old laptop into a jukebox? Possible?

Hey all, not sure if this is the proper category for this...

Wondering if this is a feasible project: Turning my old gateway mx6025 laptop into a stand-alone, wall-mounted jukebox.

Idea came while bored at work, I've never done anything like this, don't even know if it is possible, etc. etc.

Was thinking that I could detach the screen and put it on the back of the base, get a touchscreen converter of some kind, install only music and jukebox software, put it in a custom housing, hang on the wall, show off for friends.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? I've been googling around and haven't found anything too specific, but I might just be bad at googling.


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  1. Sounds cool, I would definitely run some sort of kiosk software that loads the music player automatically.
  2. anybody with input as far as a touchscreen converter?
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