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Hey guys, I'm a hardware junkie, and up until now I've always been bad with software, but I've recently decided to build my own web-server and use (after all around encouragement) Apache WebServer... thing is, I'm running my main rig on WinXP (yeah yeah - I know, I hate it too, but like I said, software isn't really a concern of mine), and I know that I could do a better (and overall easier) job on Linux. Here come the questions - which version of Linux should I use (prefferably a downloadable free version)? Now, to start with it'll be off of my main computer, so how would I go about installing Linux on a separate hard drive and choose my OS upon booting up? ummm, what else... I think thats actually it for now, I mean once I've got it I'll mess around with it and see what I can figure-out myself, after that I'll have a friend help me out with Apache - unless you guys can suggest something else? I mean, I know a LITTLE html, a little more Java, and forget about C++, so writting my own code is out of the question for now. Anyways, any suggestions and help is appreciated - thanks a bunch.

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  1. Any distro will do, but right now I'd recommend redhat :)

    Download it from their site, burn the .iso files to cd and boot from that. The install program will set everything up for you. Just make sure you pick the hard drive you want and it'll install it there for you. It'll even set up a bootloader so you can pick between redhat and windows.

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  2. thanks dude, will do

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  3. Mandrake....Mandrake.....Mandrake....Mandrake!

    I know everyone wants to jump on the Redhat Bandwagon because it is one of the most well known. But I recommend Mandrake. I talked about the reasons in an earlier post <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>. Check that thread of thought for that one as well as it is a similar question to yours.

  4. mandrake or red hat
  5. another vote for redhat...havent tried any other distro for very long period of time, mostly out of lazyness. addressing the how easy question...started with rh 5.2 a few years back with no linux/unix experience and managed to get apache configured with mulitple websites having only the redhat documentation and a few articles i read over the web to help me.
  6. <A HREF="" target="_new">SuSE!</A> - And for the Crystal Orb help, I know where ya migh fina a full, matched, boxed set of Suse Pro... shot me a private email. SuSE's smooth, installs like a dream, and perhaps the most "Professional" Linux. (if your hardware isnt TOO new).

    But for a WebServer, load up IIS(M$'s Internet server), its on your XP Pro CD, and also in your ControlPanel, Add/Remove Programs, on the left "Add/Remove Wondows Components" - Just check IIS - and thats it! Its a NICE Web Server, and ASP(VB Script/Java) has native support, both server and client side... Nice stuff and easy...

    Apache is included with Suse Pro, and PHP which is very much like ASP - do one ya can do both - both conceputually and programaticly the same - just html wrapped with conditional scripting... (C++ not necessary)

    Per dual boot, just dorp in SuSE disk 1 and it leads ya right thru it...
    I find Suse Pro the easyist most complete "Full" linux distro, simply cause it has "Everything" all matched and packaged up and in "One Place" for easy install amd management. Ya can mess around downloadin, burnin, an findin parts and learnin "About" Linux - OR ya can use SuSE and "Use Linux"!

    Linux is a lot like the orb ya suggested. One can mess around stickin on an makeshift HS, or just just do it right, and somehow "Find" an matched set a Suse Pro!
  7. I have Suse 7.3 and 8.2.

    I have some background with Linux on UNIX workstations.
    Actually I was quite impressed with both of these distributions. 8.2 was definitely easier and friendlier
    but I'll tell you it's good to have someone around that can introduce you to Linux/Unix.

    I helped a friend who was familiar with older hardware/software (486/DOS) stuff and he's flying now.
    Lots I hope because of some tutoring and helping him set stuff up.

    We loaded the OS with all the tools he wanted, started up the Apache, ftp server, telnet servers etc. in about 12+ hours. I gave him some lessons in basic commands and an editor. Where to look for stuff etc. Anyway, what that boils down to is that you either need a some patience or it helps to have someone get you up to speed fast.

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  8. my $0.02 goes to Debian. apt-get <nice program> is soo much more convenient than rpm for newbies. Granted Debian is a wee tiny bit more difficult to install and run, but I still recommend it. SuSE would be second...


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  9. I'm fairly new to linux myself, but for what its worth, I would suggest either RedHat or Mandrake. I installed both on different machines and had no problems whatsover with anything. Still learning to use Linux though...

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  10. Gentoo's emerge <program> is sweet too. Downloads, compiles, and installs from source :)

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  11. thanks dude, i ended up downloading RH9 but its still sitting on my main HD waiting to be installed lol

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  12. Hey-ho slver. Imagine newbie trying to install everything from source, his head will explode! Or, if your not compiling everything for a week, why have Gentoo at all?

    Debian, I say...


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  13. Installing from source is easy, it just takes longer :)

    You can have it done completely in 20 hours if you do it straight. I took 3 days on and off.

    Sure, gentoo isn't a newb distro, but neither is debian. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use either, but you should have some working knowledge. Mandrake I say :)

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    Congratulations, you have successfully installed linux mandrake!


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  14. Probably because you are speaking to an audience. Win XP is a very good OS.

    If you have a problem with Win XP you will hate linux.
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