GF4 Mx440 or Radeon 9000

Hi, here in Brazil the GF4 MX440 and the Radeon 9000 costs about the same: US$ 130. I will only use on GAMES nothing else matters. Which one should i buy? and what about memory, 64 mb or 128 mb, more memory increases the speed (FPS)?
GF4 Ti is too expensive for me
thanks in advance
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  1. Neither. Get a Radeon 8500 128mb or a Radeon 9100 (renamed 8500). This will give you more bang for your buck.

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  2. NEVER buy a GeForce4 MX. Radeon 9000 is a better card, especially you have a slower CPU.

    If you can't buy R8500LE/9100, then buy the 9000

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  3. Yeah, the Radeon 9000 is much much better than the GF4 MX440.
  4. well it seems theres no doubt that Radeon is the better choice, looking the models in your answers i found in a shop some Radeons made by SaPPhire and found the 8500LE, 9000DDR VIVO, 9100 TV/DVI OEM all about the same price and Radeon 9000PRO TV/CRT/DVI OEM Powered 275/550 about US$20 more expensive than the others above, which one should i get? just for games
    anyway thanks you All for the help
  5. Buy the Sapphire Radeon 8500LE (if it's 64 MB). 128 MB Sapphire Radeon 8500LE's have much slower memory than the 64 MB version. Radeon 9100 and Radeon 8500LE are same cards, the 9100 is just a new name of Radeon 8500LE

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  6. Well here all the Radeon 9100 are about US$10 more expensive than the equivalent(same amount of memory) 8500LE, but if it is the same card why spend more? even if its only ten bucks just get the cheapest, am i right?
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