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Hi, Im trying to install windows 7 64 bit off a burned dvd but everytime I start up my computer I get "BOOTMGR is missing" message
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  1. Either hit the button on your keyboard to have the system present you with the menu to boot from a specific device, or enter your BIOS and change the boot order to have the DVD drive placed before any hard drives.

    If that doesn't work, make sure the disk image you burned was indeed burned as an image, and that it was a bootable image.
  2. I have it set so it boots from the dvd...The dvd is zipped do I need to unzip and then reburn?

    Thanks for the quick reply
  3. You must burn the iso file (or other disk image, depending on what format you got the disk image in) as a disk image, not merely copy the file to the disk. It won't work that way.

    Download ImgBurn and then follow this guide on how to burn the disk image as an image with ImgBurn.
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