Trouble shoot Ti4200

Not sure if this is a graphic problem but the best of my knowledge (which is limited) it appears to be.

I keep on crashing in games that require graphics. No crashing occurs surfing internet or word programs. I either lock up completely or my computer restarts. I bought my MSI G4 Ti4200 128 MB DDR 5 months ago and have had no problems. A week ago all these problems so I updated my driver ,etc. I run windows XP.

Can anybody guide me as to what is wrong, any way to determine that this is my graphics card....anything please. All help will be most apprecaited.

Thank You
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  1. UPDATE: Could my crashes be due to overheating of my video card....had one error message that said overheating may be my problem......I hope someone can help me out here......
  2. i cant relaly help you to much but im in the same boat i think it "might" be xp im still trying too find out the problem atm im also having the problem of having the gf4 ti4200 installed and the nforce2 drivers installed at the same time as they dont get along :| (but others have no problems)
    try windows 2k maybe and see how it goes ... im kinda fond of xp so im awaiting info on how to fix the problem

    in my case i have been told it "might" be a ram issue due to the quality but i dunno who made the ram unless it is a company named "POI" but if you have a good known brand it wont be that
  3. I've had no problems with my TI 4200 from Mad Dag 64 mb Running Windows 2000 PRO. The card needs 300 Watt Power Supply. I'm running 192Megs of Ram. Old Athlon 500 chip.
  4. I have a ti4200 card on a AMD 2000+ system with 512MB DDR and Windows XP. No problems at all. I also have a 400MHz pooter with a GeForce2 MX 400 card and I think the GPU overheated once about a month ago. Ever since, I get random USB failures ONLY when running graphics intense programs like Flight Simulator. But the computer and the game keeps running fine, I just lose all USB devices.
  5. Hope this helps!!
    Install the latest WHQL drivers from Nvidia,
    they can be found at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.
    Also, download DirectX 9 and then type dxdiag in the run menu to run diagnostics on your systems core software layer. Usually it will report any discrepancies found. Also, in the system tools area of you Accessories menu, run System Information and use the System File Checker to make sure you have the proper files loaded. It has a tool to repair the problem if there is one. Last, but not least, download SiSoft Sandra Professional to get a more descriptive insight to your system.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Good Luck!!

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