Does an AGP 2x 4x 6x 8x work in a 1x MOBO

Does an AGP 2x 4x 6x 8x work in a 1x MOBO?
My MOBO has only 1x and I plan to buy a graphics card that supports AGP 2x 4x 6x 8x.

If the card has DDRam 64 MB, can it work on a MOBO with 256MB SDRAM?
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  1. There are no AGP1x boards. Your board is at least AGP2x, and should support most AGP4x/8x cards unless it's defective. If you told me what KIND of board you had, I could tell you if I know of any design defects.

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  2. Yeah, there are no 1x AGP mobo and there are no 6x AGP standatd as well. Yours is at least 2x AGP. And most 4x/8x graphic would work fine on your mobo (64MB DDR, hmmm... are you getting a GeForce4 Ti4200?) but I doubt that if you purchase a 8x AGP graphic like Radeon 9700 Pro your CPU, chipset, RAM etc would be be overkilled.
    Anyhow, the DDR RAM on graphic card is Video RAM which doesn't affect by the type of system RAM, even it's SDRAM.

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  3. Not sure what my MOBO is called, it has different names on the box. The biggest characters say IMAGE WORLD and Lucky Star 6ABX2V.
    I´m not convinced that there are no 1x AGP MOBOs, cause my manual doesn´t mention 2x support at all, only that it supports AGP. The manual mentions AGP support as something completely new!

    I should mention that my PC is from the last century, 1999 to be exact...P3, 450MHz 256MB, when 500MHz where state of the art.
    The card I´m getting is GeForce4 Nvidia, MX440,DDRam,64 MB,8XAGP.

    Thanks for all help so far.
  4. Thats a BX board which means it supports AGP 2x - IM SURE. The reason they dont put 2x is probably because the manual was written by someone really stupid - they usually are. You can see many of the recognised terms are written wrong etc etc.

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