Major Computer Issue, Motherboard suspected

I am coming to a community of super-computer people to help with my last ditch attempt to save my computer. My computer is a 3 year old dell netbook mini. Problems started when it made loud screeching noises, definitely coming from my speakers. Then intermintent freezes and now it only ocassionally gets to the BIOS screen and freezes. Its beep code says the problem is in the motherboard. HOw much does one cost at at the most basic level? Can someone who is fairly technologically savvy replace it? thanks
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  1. I'd say that, economically, it is not worth replacing.

    But it shouldn't represent any great technical difficulty.

    Go to the Laptop forum. There's a sticky about disassembling a laptop:

    That should give you some insight.
  2. sounds to me like you should smear it with butter cus it's toast!
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