nc8000 aquamark benchmarks

In case anyone is interested, I run aqumark with default settings on Hp/Compaq nc8000 with Pentium-M 1.6, 512Mt, 40Gt 5400rpm HD, ati mobility radeon 9600 pro 64Mt. It scored 20,491. Not bad.
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  1. im interested... i just got an nc8000.. havent ran any benchmarks on it yet, but halo (demo) is very playable at 1024x768 with most setting set to high...
  2. Please let me know if you have any other benchmark results available. Or its perfomance in games.
  3. i ve downloaded a few demos to test the system..

    dues ex 2 demo: only really playable at 640x480.. get about 45fps when thigs are happening... at 1024x768 get 15-25fps when there is action..

    call of duty demo: at 1024x768 looks and plays awesome.. with almost all graphics options set to high getting around 40-50fps...

    max payne 2 demo: at 1024s768 with alomst everything set to high get roughly 50-60fps..

    nfs underground demo: at 1024x768 all graphics set to high.. no slowdowns at all..

    NOTE:.. these fps numbers are VERY rough... i have FRAPS running and just look at the output now and then.. these are not in any way full benchmarks so dont quote me on these...

    overall im quite impressed by what the 9600 can do...

    just out of curiosity.. did you install linux on your nc8000? i got morphix runnin ok, but had to repartition the whole hdd (partition magic wouldnt work when tried resizing the main xp partition) and lilo does not properly get picked up at boot time.. (so i still have to boot from a cd)..

  4. Thank you for the benchmark results. If you ever try 3dmark 2003 etc please let me know. Unfortunately I haven't tried Linux. So I can't help you with this problem. Btw, what are the specs of your nc8000? Do you have 64mt or 128mt graphic memory?
  5. I love nc8000.
    but I have not enough money!

    here just P3 1.13 with 15'sxga+

    MSI 760mpx barton 2500+ x 2.
    DDR400 512MB.
    SCSI 64bit double.
    17' flat 1280x1024,viewsonic.
    MSI oem Ti4200ocTi4400 128mb RAM VIVO.
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