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Installing Linux on 2nd Hard Drive - Extreme Noob

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April 14, 2003 10:46:07 AM

Alright I am completely new to the Linux world. I have been curious about it for quite some time so now I want to give it a try.

I am going to purchase a 2nd hard drive and install in my current pc running Windows XP.

What I need info on is:
How to install Linux on 2nd hard drive?
How to switch between the 2 OS's as if it is 2 different computers?

I hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance for your input.

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April 14, 2003 4:17:16 PM

The exact same question was posted in the thread right below this one...

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April 14, 2003 8:11:52 PM

Just pop in the Linux installtion disk and boot up. Depending on which distrobution of Linux you choose, you can follow the easy installtion instructions, or you may have to refer to online documentation.

Either way, installing Linux on a 2nd harddrive should be straigh-forward. Just choose which drive you want to install Linux on when it prompts you.

During installtion, you may be prompted if you want to install a bootloader, like Grub, LILO, or something else, just follow the instructions and everything should be setup. Now whenever you boot your computer, you should be prompted which OS you want to boot up.

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