HP Pavilion g6 comparison re AMD and Intel

Looking at 2 laptops at present 1 - HP Pavilion g6 1241SA £399 and 2 HP Pavilion g6 1220SA £449 only real difference is 1. has Intel i5-2430 and 2. has AMD A8-3500M processor. Use will be for excel based applications ,some photo/video and music studio work. Which would be best?
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  1. the intel will be much better for those applications. the amd has better graphics if you want to game thats about it.
  2. If you need powerful graphic buy with the AMD and if you do simple daily task buy intel. AMD design this A8-3500M platform so that it has a nice graphics and will run games well with direct 11 support and such.
  3. Thanks for the prompt replies. it confirms what I thought but the support is appreciated.
    Have a happy new Year
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