How to update a phoenix technologys bios.?

Okay ive tried everything ive gone to the website, the only download section they have is for a payment needed esupport blah ***. i need a bios update for my laptop but it seems impossible. My bios is Phoenix Trustedcore setup utilty, and my laptop is toshiba a200 model number : PSAF6A-08401N. problem also is, toshbia doesnt have the latest bios update for my computer.
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  1. Hello schoolies;

    Since Toshiba isn't providing the BIOS upgrade there is always a good chance you'll brick the laptop.

    What problem are you having with your laptop that you think you need to update the BIOS?
  2. Okay the problem is my laptop if i set the setting in bios to Dynamic computer frequency, it always cuts off suddenly, but if i set to Always Low. never shuts down. im currently using it. Tho the cpu frequency, is 787mhz when its supposed to be, 2000mhz i think.. i read on another forum to fix it u need a bios update so i went to phoenix technologys tried using the BIOSAGENTPLUS thingo, and it said it needed a update, tho they want a payment, which i was like wtf at.

    My Cpu is a Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2.00ghz
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