Unexpected Shutdown Bluescreen

I recently built a PC for my dad. I used a Phenom II x4 720 BE, 6 GB GSkill DDR2 800, 160 GB WD 7200 HDD, MSI 785GT E63 Mobo, and ASUS CD/DVD Burner drive.

We have been having errors with it randomly restarting and crashing to a blue screen. Even after when I try to reformat back as recommended it still crashes and wont finish. I have Cleared CMOS like I read and didn't help. I updated BIOS to current and windows updates are current. My mom wrote down some of the errors since I was out, now it seems fine but we wanna find out if it happens again what happened and how to fix it. The error read...

Unexpected shutdown

Event name: Bluescreen

OS version - 6.1.7600.

local DI - 1033

more info about problem

BCCode - 1e

BCP1 - FFFFFFFFCOOOOOO5 (might be 0's cant tell)


BCP3 - 0000000000000001


BCP4 - 000000004808245C

OS Version - 6_1_7600

Service Pack 0_0

Product - 256_1

Files that help describe the problem


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  1. Windows 7 users can simply click on the "Windows Start Button" and then go to the "Run" link. Once run pops up type in "CMD" and hit enter which will cause the MS DOS prompt to appear. Type in "CHKDSK /r" which will check for hard disk errors. Vista users need to click on "Start" then go to "Accessories" followed by "System Tools" and then run the MSDOS program followed by "CHKDSK /r"

    Insert your restore CD if errors are found and not fixed by the check disk function listed above. Turn your computer off and then back on. You'll be asked to hit any button to boot from your CD; press any key. You will then be asked if you want to install a fresh version of your OS or "Repair" a current copy. Choose the "Repair" option and allow the computer to go through the necessary steps.

    After the repair function has run, turn your computer off and then back on. Wait and see if the computer shuts down again. If it does not shut down, your computer's restore function has fixed the file, which was probably caused by a bad system file.

    In additional to this there could be Virus issue of some power supply malfunctioning.

  2. are you using Win 7x64? do you have a ATI GPU?
  3. It is 64 Bit Win7 and it is a 9800GT
  4. PSU highly unlikely, virus, maybe but never heard of that happening, but download MalWareBytes(free, mbam.exe) and run it, have you ever cleaned the reistry I use EFRC(Eusung Free Registy Cleaner, it's free, and I never had a problem with it
  5. Hey Guys i almos ahave the same problem then you i cant find the problei just bild my pc too
    Processor AMD Phenom x4 955 3.20 GHz 6g DDR3 1TB Hard Drive ATI 5870 HD 1g DDR5 Mother Bord M4A79XTD EVO Asus .........when i shut down my computer for a copel of hours like 7,8,9 and more .... its giving me a copel of error like Unspected Shutdown and my driver for my video card say (Ctataclycm) the name of the driver ....have stoped working and i get kick to the bleu screen like 4 to 6 time like taht befor my PC is starting normaly to tell me my pc is alll good .....realy wird ,...first time its happend to me i realy dont know waht to do now i try to change the windows im using win7 i try to change my power suply ,, i flash my Biost (Updated) i test my Ram EXT just need to check the mother bord PLEAS HELP ME !!!
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