What to Buy? 2008 MacBook Pro or Newer PC

So I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new laptop, well at least new to me. This is really just something to tool with, watch movies, surf the web, write resumes but in the future will turn into a work computer which I'm not quite sure what that looks look right now. Heres the catch I've always wanted a mac but could never afford one. My buddy is willing to sell his macbook pro 15" to me for ~ $700, i can't believe how these things hold their value! It's the unibody version 2.4ghz core 2 duo p8400, 4gb ram, 320 GB harddrive. I can also get a newer pc refurb for much less money, I was settling on an Asus U46E-BAL5 which has a i5 2410, 8gb ram, 750gb hard disk for $529 in my hand from new egg.

I guess the real concern, considering how disposable laptops are, how long can I expect the Mac to last given it's age and usage. My Friend is a designer and is pretty demanding on it though it has only really ever been a desktop replacement and does not use it much on the go. Also considering the advancements in processors over the years how does an older mac compare. I know that performance wise I can get away with the macbook, but we all geek out and like to know what we are dropping our hard earned cash on and how it compares. After all this is the first time I will have ever spent money on a computer, every one I have had has been a freebie handme down.


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  1. Don't go for the second hand Mac. The battery is old and I guess a good portion of it has wear off. The battery is inside the Mac, so you can't change it unless you open it.
  2. from my understanding the 2008 model did have a replaceable battery am I not correct in that thinking? I thought that came later in the model history
  3. there's absolutely no reason to get the Mac. as said the battery will be shot and cost you money to replace, especially if hes been using it as a desktop replacement. 700 bucks is really way to much to pay. they dont so much hold their value as start out overpriced.

    with the Asus your getting much better specs, on componets that arent 3-4 years old. i cant imagine that harddrive has got a lot of life left in it either. and if you want to use it for work you will want windows.
  4. I would just get the cheapest laptop that will suit your current needs and when you start working you will be able to afford whatever laptop you will need then.

    You never said what type of job it was or how long "in the future".

    A laptop will be good for around 3-4 years depending on usage, then the battery will be holding less and less charge each time. Practically turning it into a desktop since you have to keep it plugged in.
  5. That's the hard part of all this, what is over priced and what is reasonable? If you look any where on craigslist or Ebay these things are really expensive. He is a goodfriend of mine and would want to be fair not rip me off. we just don't know what is fair.
    My last job saw me using alot of Ms office and also adobe suite (photoshop, some illustrator, indesign), and auto CAD. There is a good chanceneeds might be.the same. I can always try to pt that on the new employer.

    Thing is even if this is just a personal computer I don't feel like pc's ever look or feel as good. And I am interested in trying a new os. Going to best buy or where ever kills the ability to really hear the sound or get a good feel for the screen so its hard to say what I'll feel happy with. At the same time I'm looking to.spend half as much as what a new Mac costs so I get what I get.
  6. How about this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834131223

    It has a similar style to the macbook pro. It is also half the price of a new 15" MBP which is $1699.00 Including education discount.

    The only major difference is a weaker graphics card (still better than the 2008 Macbook), but the Samsung has more ram and bigger hard drive.
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