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1GB 540M vs 1GB 6490M

I need help deciding on a laptop between two nearly equal specs but the GPU's are different. The problem I have is that all of the benchmarks that I can find for the AMD 6490M are based on a 256MB DDR3 basis but the card offered is a 1GB DDR5 version. Both of the cards therefore are running at 1GB but the Nvidia 540M is DDR3, while the 6490M is running at DDR5.

So, without proper benchmarks, which one do ya'll think is better?
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    Go with the 540M. The 6490 has 120 stream processors, the 540 has 96 cores, each nvidia core is roughly equivalent to 2 amd cores. The slower DDR3 memory shouldnt be much of a bottleneck on a slower GPU like this.
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  3. Thanks, I went with the one with the 540M. Now, hopefully, that expedited shipping will have it here to play with for the weekend.
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