A 3rd Win 7 issue

I recently built a PC for my dad. I used a Phenom II x4 720 BE, 6 GB GSkill DDR2 800, 160 GB WD 7200 HDD, MSI 785GT E63 Mobo, and ASUS CD/DVD Burner drive.

We have been having errors with it randomly restarting and crashing to a blue screen. Even after when I try to reformat back as recommended it still crashes and wont finish. I have Cleared CMOS like I read and didn't help. I updated BIOS to current and windows updates are current. My mom wrote down some of the errors since I was out, now it seems fine but we wanna find out if it happens again what happened and how to fix it. The error read...

A Process or Thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.

Check to see if everything is properly installed, See if updates are needed.

F8 for Safe Mode

Stop: 0x0000067E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF8000C1000, 0xFFFFF88002FC45A8, 0xFFFFF88002FFC3E00)
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  1. check the memory, try installing with 1G and if it loads ok then add MEM 1 stick ata time, if you have MEM86 on a boot disk it would make checking easier, but I would install w/1G, just to CYA
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