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Trying to sell Laptop. How to replace keyboard?

I am trying to sell my laptop and have yet to have any luck.
It is an NV50A Gateway Laptop and a few of the keys have fallen off.

I am looking to replace the keyboard on it; in hopes of a better sale.

Any idea what the cheapest keyboard is; and how to install it?
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  1. I just removed and reinstalled my current keyboard. Glad about that.
    So it seems buying a replacement would be a good idea.
    This keyboard should be fine right?

    Won't break the first few seconds of typing? LOL
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    Looks fine to me, just be careful with the ribbon cable those suckers are really fragile.
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  4. Okay, Thanks!

    Looks like once I get my ebay bucks in a couple days I will purchase the keyboard.
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