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Help with FutureMark

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 28, 2003 8:22:22 AM

<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>...Why is the ORB reporting my FSB as being only 66Mhz?...this is bugging the [-peep-] out of me....if you think my score is low, I was getting 4000 3 months ago with a Duron 1.1 and a GeForce MX. Help with the FSB would be appreciated...Also, I'm running an Athlon tbred 2100 with 768megs of ddr 266...

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March 28, 2003 8:45:17 AM

Geez, when I did the ORB comparison there were actually people with 9500/9700's getting the same score as me....definately a case of putting a killer card in a crappy computer and benching it. Thats the only way I could see a 9500/9700 getting a score that low. When I bought my cpu this week I was so torn between getting it or buying a new graphics card...9500's are down to $175 bucks now at Fry's. But man I cant describe to you the framerate increase I got out of UT2003 with just a cpu upgrade.

(Crashman) "That pic..Are you sane?)...<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>
March 28, 2003 8:25:35 PM

I love you GeneticWeapon, and I know you feel the same about me.

Neways, I agree! When i upgraded from a kt266 board w/512 ddr266 to an asus a7n8x (nforce2) and an axp2700 w/512 corsair xms3200 (dual channel) i saw a huge increase in UT2k3 performance. That game is highly CPU/memory bandwidth dependant compared with other games, ESP. with a high number of bots (i always play with 16.)

Another reason for 9500/9700s to be getting around the same score as you (besides the rest of their comp not being as good) is that they could be idiots:(  and have an un-optimized or de-optimized system:( :( :( 
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 
Also when comparing my 2001 score with the ones on Tomshardware (same exact system w/the 2700, i have a ti4400) i was getting a higher score than their 4600! (mine not ocd) so i definately think Toms and other places bench low, and i would expect more from any card than what they show, FOR WHATEVER REASON (1337 optimization)! My friend has a 9500 and he gets more than on Toms too.

Long live ATI.