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Hey guys, this is my first post ever, I saw this site when browsing for laptop. I'm going to university soon and would like to buy a laptop with really good battery preferably 6 hours with wifi and normal use without gaming. As for gaming, I'm not going to game at all ( heavy games anyway ) I'd like a laptop between the price range of 500 - 800$ and looking for a very nice quality and good battery life. I was looking at the Acer timeline X 4830 and it's really good but some people mentioned about the quality that Acer built is horrible... I always liked Asus for their touchpad and design to be honest.. The K53E looked really nice but it's lacking a bit of juice haha. What do you guys think?
**I live in Canada by the way** If I can't find it at local stores ten I'll look for a similar model to the one you mentioned.

1. 6 or close to that of battery life
2. Good quality
3. around 15 inch laptop
4. Backlit keyboard has always been my dreams but if the battery is bad, then forget it. haha
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  1. I actually saw this on the other thread of laptop reviews, the Dell Vostro 3350, it looks REALLY nice, everything I want, even though the screen is a bit small. But the battery life is amazing.. with backlit keyboard too! But I'm not sure of the built quality.. If any of you readers reading this and have had experiences with dell feel free to let me know!
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