Ati Radeon 9500 from Saphire probs

got some probs with my new ati radeon card. With all 3dgames i cant manage to get higher then about 20 frames a sec, and that is real annoying.
With counterstrike i managed to get first 70 fps on a resolution of 1600, with a geforce II GTS/Pro, now i get like 20 fps, and it keeps on bouncing with this card, it also seems to crash on 4* agp :'(

Anyone can help me with this cause it sucks like hell :/


PIII 1000 mhz
Aopen Ax34pro mobo with VIA chipset
SoundBlaster LIVE!
767 mb RAM

Seagate Baracuda 7200 rpm 40 gig hdd
Western Digital 7200 rpm Liquid bearing 80 gig hdd

Thnx in advance already :)
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  1. Did you try to format your disk and reload windows. Probally its your nvidia drivers are still leeched on. I think theres something called Det Distory'ers. But i dunno the link for it.

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  2. Could be your crappy VIA chipset. I recommend a nice BX board, you can find the Asus CUBX for around $20 on eBay.

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