Resetting the cmos on a toshiba satellite L655-s5075

I have a Toshiba Satellite L655-5075 that won't POST. I reset the CMOS by taking the entire motherboard out of the laptop and taking the RTC battery out and I got it to POST ONCE! Now it's going back to the way it was. Any way, I really don't want to take off 50 screws any time I want to reset the CMOS. From what I've seen Toshiba usually uses solder beads around the memory slots to reset the CMOS manually. The problem is they aren't labeled well, and I can't find a motherboard grid that tells me which of these beads are linked to the RTC battery. I've tried the user manual. No good.

Does any one have any resources or suggestions I can use?
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    Actually, just shorting the battery briefly will do the same thing as removing it. Sounds like a defective component (likely the mobo). Sorry.
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