poor performance gigabyte 9700 pro

Hi, i just built my new pc, p4 2.4gig, 1024mb dual channel ddr, gigabyte 8inxp, gigabyte 9700 pro... and im getting slow performance, my 3DMark2001SE was 7602, i have all the latest drivers for everything running winxp i get poor fps in most common games, mohaa, ut2003, nascar racing 2003. any ideas??
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  1. Yeah, but sadly, the solution is quite expensive. ATI 9700 Pro runs much more smoothly on Win2000 as opposed to XP. However, there may be a driver from Windows that solves your problem. Check them out.
  2. did you ever change your video card in that system?
    I've a Radeon SDR before, I got 2000 in 3Dmark2001, poor performance with games, so I changed to a Radeon 8500LE, at beginning, I got only 5800 in 3Dmark2001, games run faster, but it's really weird, I've all updated drivers, and installed everything, bios has all the fastest setting, my system is still crap
    guess what's the solution? I reset the motherboard, and then problem solved
    I got 8500 in 3Dmark2001, all the games run as fast as it should be..
    so maybe you could try
  3. dont listen to daddywags or whatever, hes a F4RG0T!!!
    some/most games may run a little faster on 2k, but not THAT MUCH!!!
    sub 8k with that system, ur dumb daddy, going to 2k wouldnt double his score, he might get 500 more points.
    the problem is somewhere else.
    you could try what the guy above me said.
    maybe youve got Anti-aliasing and/or anisotropic filtering enabled?
    or maybe youre being dumb (always a possibility) like with settings and stuff.
    hope u figure it out.

    Long live ATI.
  4. i have tryed it with FSAA and without, i have tweaked settings to the max experimented alot, still poor fps and low 3dmark2001se score (default benchmark) i also tryed reseting the mobo running 3dmark as we speak :)
  5. hm..then maybe try that R9700 on your friend's computer, to see if it's really your card's problem, if it's work perfect with other computer, then it's ur pc that has problem
  6. Hey, take it easy man, I just read that from someone else's post on this board. Geez, I'm sorry if I was misinformed. I heard another thing you might try. Turn off XP's eye candy, and see if that helps. Also, open up the case and make sure the hardware isn't damaged. I've heard of cards with heat sink troubles that have damaged the hardware.
  7. v-sync off?
  8. uninstall your video drivers totally.. remove any registry entries related to ATI..

    then reinstall the latest DirectX, then the latest AGP drivers for your Mobo, then the video Drivers..

    if that doesnt work then do a re-install of XP

    and yeah, that dadddy guydoesnt know wtf he is talking about. theres no noticeable difference in speed when using win2k. ive used radeon cards in both XP and 2kpro/server on teh same system, and i didnt know there was a difference, until i seen some benchmarks

    *turn off the pretty visuals in XP so that it looks like normal windows, and the performance will probably be the same between the 2*
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