Is it possible to get someone to mod a MoBo for a netbook?

I got the Sylvania Netbook as a gift, and it just so happens to be absolutely terrible. It's worse than you can imagine really. There's only 2 GB of flash memory, literally no RAM, It runs Windows CE and is pretty slim on everything else. It's slow, It does nothing a computer should do, and feels like the world's greatest hackjob.
This is actually a pretty excellent assessment for the device.

However, It was a gift, I'm super poor, and the netbook itself looks pretty awesome.

I realize that If I merely upgrade the motherboard to anything made in the last 5 years, I'll be able to change the OS and install all the stuff I want to use for it on an external HDD. Since it's small, I can get a 120$ Mini-ITX motherboard and be on my way.

The issue I'm having, however, is pretty much equivalent to semantics - It's not a computer, it's a netbook.
There are 2 USB ports on the right side and 1 on the back of the device (with an ethernet port and "9VDC power port" alongside it), and an SD port on the left side.

I need a motherboard to conform to that 100% or else I'll have a fully functional motherboard that just won't fit. (And that's the least of my problems, actually.)

Can I get someone to modify an ITX form factor MoBo for my Netbook?
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  1. What you are asking it just not feasible. At best, you might be able to stuff another netbook motherboard into your existing case (assuming you could find one that would actually fit). These components tend to be very proprietary.

    You would be better off selling the one you have and buying what you really want. Sorry.
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