Big GF3 Ti200 problem help anyone

hey guys can anyone gimme some assistance
i got a GF3 Ti200 64mb card today, was gonna replace my old GF2 mx400 card. I installed it and when i turned my pc on my pc would load but my monitor wouldnt turn on. I asked the friend i got the gf3 from and he suggested i upgrade my bios , so i did , still same problem~ anyone have any ideas ? by the way i have

Athlon Xp 1800
pc chips 266 810LR mobo
384mb sd ram
40gig hdd
sb live! value
DX 8.1
runnning Win98
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  1. Do the fans on the vid card spin up, what's ur power supply?

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  2. yes the fans spin coz i touched it with my finger (i know thats not recommended but i'm frustrated) and my power supply is 300w
  3. try pulling out the video card, and putting it back in, try cleaning it and check the monitor. Your monitor's 15 pin wire may not be getting contact either. Try using it on a different computer or a different monitor -_-

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  4. when the GF3 ti200 wouldnt work , i made sure it wasnt the monitor problem by inserting my old GF2 back in my pc , i turned my pc on and no problems~ i'm using the GF2 to run this pc to write this message now~ hmm i havent got a clue~~
    someone suggested maybe its my power supply~ since i got this amd xp 1800 cpu only bout 2 weeks ago , then got this GF3 yesterday , my pc has 300w of power , u guys think it's the power ???
  5. 300W P/S is the absolutely minimum, it was probably borderline with the AMD, until you put in the GF3, I would get at least a 350W P/S, that GF3 TI-200 is a high performance card.

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