Vid Card/ MOBO Catch 22

I'm building a new machine from scratch and seemed to have run into a snag. I haven't put anything together yet, just reading the manuals through. I've got a Shuttle AS45GTR with the SIS chipset and a ATI AIW 9700 with a new 200 gig drive.

Reading the AIW manaul it says that I must install the SIS drivers before installing the vid card. But since I'm starting fresh I really don't have that chance do I? The whole manual is set up assuming that you are replacing an existing card. But that's not my case.

Any tips?

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  1. You can install the chipset driver before installing AIW driver, simply after your fresh installation of the Windows click 'cancel' on the graphic card driver installation wizard then install your chipset driver.

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  2. You install the card, but not the drivers. You load the system, install the SiS chipset drivers, then install the video card drivers. The video card will be treated as a generic VGA card until the drivers are installed.

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