PCI-X Graphics Cards anytime soon?

I bought a new Dell server that I'm really liking. I'd like to maybe be able to run some basic games on it though and it doesn't have AGP, but it does have PCI-X. Does anyone know if there are going to be any PCI-X graphic cards coming out soon? Just wondering if I should wait or if I should just buy a normal 32-bit PCI graphics card for it and hopes it works decently.

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  1. As far as I know... don't bet on it...
    It's too bad you couldn't get an AGP card. New server mobos are including that now. I say you will be stuck with a pci card. Unfortunately I don't know if you can find a fast enough card. As far as I know there are only ATI 7500 quivalents...

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  2. PCI-x is meant for servers. You wont see no real 3d card unless some Professional cad cards are for it. Sad to say AGP is the only real platform for gamers till next year when 16x PCI-Express replaces it. Pci-express cant be used with Pci-x so you stuck..

    Best bet is a Radeon 9000 pci or GF4 MX pci.

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  3. Alright, thanks... I definetly didn't buy it for games... but I'm thinking if I can get a decent price on a PCI card it would be cool to have another box that can do some decent games if someone wants to use it at a LAN for CS or Q3A or something... and also maybe have a bit more stuff to try WineX/Wine with.
  4. As far as I know, Intel's PCI-Express will replace PCI, AGP, and PCI-X in the future. Which would imply that there won't be enough of a market for PCI-X video cards.

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  5. Haven't read much about it to be honest, but from what you guys say, this looks really promising. I mean no longer will we run into bandwith issues w/ huge raid arrays thru pci and such (well at least for the now, when 1GB/s hdd's come out we can start worrying again :smile: ).

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