Will WinZip 8.1 work in Win7?

The local guru fell 'asleep', and my friend's HP laptop update to W7 left him without WinZip. The 45-day
trial of (version unknown) on the machine has expired, but he still has the docs from the Sept. '05 pur-
chase of WinZip 8.1, incl. the code to be entered in case of HDD/computer change, etc.

Question is, IF this code turns out to still be valid (I checked WinZip.com and the oldest download they
offer is 9.0), will 8.1 even work with W7?

(I know very little about my XP-MCE/SP3 and far less about W7. What is [if it exists] W7's version of XP's
Extraction Wizard? It'd be nice if my pal doesn't even need WinZip, as seldom as he's likely to use it.)
Thanks to all;

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  1. WinZip 8 probably not, current version Win 7 compliant is 14.5
  2. I'm a fan of 7Zip: www.7-zip.org

    Or if you like jZip http://www.jzip.com/ which has a cleaner interface.
  3. really I like 7z, but the best WinUHA, so it goes if it's not really important use WinRar, or 7z, they are free and you do not need to buy them
  4. To Moderator:

    If possible, please award the 'Best Answer' prize to Number 13 and Scotteq equally;
    7Zip was mentioned by both, and is the remedy I would go with if it were up to me.
    As it turned out, my friend 'didn't want to **** with it', and "deleted the whole thing"
    (WinZip). When I asked if he 'uninstalled' it, he said, "I don't care; it's gone". I gave

    For my own curiosity, though, is there a compression/extraction utility in Windows 7?
    XP has the Extraction Wizard, and it seems strange for a newer, better(?) O.S. not to
    have something similar....was M$ in that big a hurry to put the axe to Vista?

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