Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050 Display Problem

Hello !

I have bought a Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050 Laptop in the U.S last year.

My laptop's screen doesn't display anything, although the lappy boots up and shows signs of processing.

I have this problem once and got it serviced within waranty period, but now the lappy's screwed up with the same display problem and toshiba sales seem uncooperative, vis a vis. they are charging outrageous service cost.

I have had enough knowledge gained about electronics and OS(I am a sophomore in Computer Science)
and have finally decided to take the matter in my own hands.

So, I request the gurus to guide me in repairing this lappy, and make some use of my hard earned knowledge and money..

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  1. Hello cosmo_67;

    Hold the laptop next to a lamp or shine a flashlight on the screen.
    Is anything visible?
  2. No, the screen is physically flawless
  3. cosmo_67 said:
    the screen is physically flawless
    If that were true you would see a very faint display of what the screen should be displaying if it was just a problem with the LCD's screen backlight not working.

    Can you hook up an external monitor to confirm the laptop's graphics subsystem is working?
    Check the owners guide to find the Fn+key combo that activates an external monitor.
  4. it could be one of four issues. the problem WR2 was inferring to, i believe, is the backlight going out. you should be able to see a VERY faint image of the desktop if its the backlight.
    Can you plug a monitor into the laptop to see if the screen is displayed? If you get a display, that will rule out bad graphics chip.
    It could be the cable that connects the LCD to the mobo and routes through the hinge came loose or is bad as well.
    Or you could just have a defective screen :(
  5. There is no dim display either. I can hook up external monitor. I cant find the owners manual though. will download it.
  6. Ok the key is Fn + F5 cycled 3 times for external monitor. the external monitor will be this pc, so i will be offline for like 10 mins. Any pitfalls I might face during the "External Monitor" phase? Or what information should I note down before reporting back.
  7. It's straight-foward. The external monitor showing the expected display confirms the laptops graphics system is functioning normally.
  8. WR2 , ebola28 ,anonymous1 the external monitor is working fine!! So, the problem lies with the cable / hinge ..?
  9. either the cable/hinge or the lcd is shot. the cable is seated into the motherboard and into the LCD panel. It can come loose and cause the problem you are having. Since the cable runs through the hinge, ive seen it fray and get cut as well.
  10. start by checking both ends are seated fully
  11. which ones do I need to unscrew to check my cable?
  12. Keyboard Removal Guide Toshiba Satellite C650 C650D C655 C655D, L650, L650D, L655, L655D Series
    this might be the easiest way to get access to the motherboard connectors
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