MSI G Series GT780DX-406US VS. ASUS G74SX-AH71


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I've been going back and forth over these two laptops and i still don't know which one to get. I need help to find a perfect gaming machine for me. My concerns includes: is the gtx570 that much better than 560, i heard ASUS has great cooling system on their laptops and i don't know if MSI has this too. Also if anyone has any of these laptops can you guys state your experiences like pros-cons. Thanks!
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  1. Yeah I was kind of wondering something similar. I have 3 friend with ASUS Laptops, and they love them. I think they run great but dont like the way they look. UGLY. Now the MSI looks great and spec wise is awsome, though they do cost a bit more on average than the ASUS. Would love to see if anyone has an answer about the cooling systems.
  2. o.o took too long deciding, now they are both out of stock on amazon. Now i have to wait... atleast now i have time to do more research though. Would love to see someone with MSI post pros/cons on here.
  3. Check out this link it might help you out which one to buy & Good luck :)
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