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Hi everyone, I'm from Honduras and really close to graduate to become an architect. I know that sometimes the advice is to invest in an ok laptop and put your real money in aPC.

The thing is I travel a lot, and I really don't spent time in my home so a PC it's not an option for me.

Another thing it's that I really don't know so much about computers and tec-specs, so please I would really apreciate if you can indicate me the exact tec-specs.

I know that I would like
8 GB RAM of memory
° As much video card as I can get
° 15" inch screen
° the lightest weith on the market
°And whatever other indications you guys add

Money it's not a big issue but of course that I'm looking for a good deal.

The programs are all de CAD and 3D programs in the architectural world.

Thanks a lot! really!!

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  1. Eish this is a difficult one. Laptops tend not to be performance friendly.

    Can you give a preferred site to purchase from?
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