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Since trying to lookg for the best laptop for my money, I've begun to realize that I don't know jack *** about computers. The last pc I built cost around 2000 and I could have gotten a prebuilt/custom for half that price... Don't have a way to access the internet 24/7, decided to take my learning to a new frontier. plus there's alot of time before another pc is purchased

What's a good authority on computers and its likes that I can subscribe to?
How did all of you become so knowledgeable when it comes to tech specs?
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  1. Google. Just researching and staying active on these forums
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    Since he asked about MAGAZINES, then I would recommend CPU magazine and to a lesser extent Maximum PC magazine. CPU magazine focuses on the hardware and compute power of the machine and has good descriptive technology reviews that focus on some of the gritty specifics. Any other mainstream magazine you buy will be to busy being sponsored and trying to sell you on mainstream junk because that is who pulls their purse.
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