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Since the software forum seems to be unavailable, I'll post this message right here.

Is it worth installing Directx 9? I've have just got Gun Metal and it comes with Dx9. I'm afraid that other games will be affected with this new dx version. Comments are very welcome.

My system is:

athlon 1300
geforce 4 ti4200
ecs k7s5a
win xp and dx 8.1

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  1. I have been running DX9 since it's availability on the web with good results(no problems). I installed it because the ATI Catalyst drivers I'm using were made for DX9....My system is...The dreaded ECS K7S5A-Athlon Tbred 2100+-768megs of problems with any games or apps.

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  2. Depends on your graphics card driver. Most nVidia DX9 drivers are buggy. I found 41.13 fairly good. Download WinXP nForce drivers from nVidia website, extract the files from installer package. You should find 41.13 drivers here

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  3. dx itself is defined to be always fully backward compatible.

    hw drivers on the other side can be buggy and shite. nvidia doesn't have any really good drivers since ages out anymore.

    but installing dx9 should not hurt any application wich used some pre-version of dx.

    there is only one possibility for a program to fail, when dx9 is installed. that is, if it checks at the start time the dx version and wants to have say dx8 installed, instead of wanting at least dx8. thats what 3dmark2001 had, so you had to patch after you installed dx9, because it did not found dx8 anymore, hehe:D

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  4. Hmmm, I never had to patch anything, including 3DMark 2001SE...

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  5. What? I installed DX9, and 3DMark2001 has been fine. I didn't have to patch anything.

    I haven't run into a single problem since installing DX9.

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  6. 3DMark 2001SE Build 300 won't run with DX9 installed. 3DMark 2001 SE Buld 330 runs fine with DX9

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  7. Feedback:

    I did install DX 9.0 and I am very pleased. I have run the following games without any problems:

    IGI-2 Covert Strike
    Delta Force Black Hawk Dawn
    GTA 3
    Gun Metal (this game is very promising!)

    So far so good!

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