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we were told a tablet could be used for ink to text writing apps and want to know if that's true and is it also true for netbook, notebook or others,
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  1. maybe you meant touchscreen feature? there are few notebooks with this capability, dunno about netbook, though.
    But no, you can't use ink to write on all of those, unless you did not mind scratching the screen and leaving permanent mark on it.
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    There are different ways and programs to convert ink to text. Because netbooks and notebooks usually both run windows 7 they do have programs out there that can give this functionality. Idk about tablets though. There are different ways that programs do this. There was one program out there that took a picture and converted it into text that was for a smartphone, so most likely there will be one for a tablet. Or you could use a physical scanner and use the built-in "save as text" scan for netbooks and notebooks.
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