Does ATI 8500DV support 3 devices?

I am interested in ATI's 8500DV card.

I have a dual setup, so I'd like to be able to use the Main Monitor out, the Secondary Monitor out (with a splitter to power a video projector), and also the S-video out with a splitter/amplifier to power a TV, all at the same time.

My question is: Can the S-video out be used if *both* the primary/secondary monitor outs are in use (can all three outs be used at the same time)? ATI's site is a little fuzzy on the topic. I've heard you can't do that.

From the ATI site:


Q8: Can the ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV graphics card support more than one display at the same time?

A8: Yes. ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500DV allows a number of possible display configurations. The DVI-I connector can be used to drive a DVI display, VGA monitor or YPrPb display. At the same time, the video output can drive a television or VCR.


Does this mean it will work?

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  1. I read on ATI's site (too lazy to refind the link for you :p) that you can't use all 3 video connectors at the same time. You can only use 2. This information was for the Radeon 9X00 series however, but it shouldn't any different for the 8500DV.
  2. Invalid question, none of the AIW cards have a second monitor output to the best of my knowledge. You can use a splitter (video Y-cable) to split the signal to your current monitor and your projector as long as you pick a resolution and refresh rate supported by both devices for that output. Then you can use the S-Video output as well.

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  3. What a bummer. So the best I could do would be to go with two ATI cards: One to run the primary, the second to run the projector/secondary monitor, and S-Vid out?

    Does anyone know if in that setup, that the S-Video out would display what the secondary monitor is displaying?

  4. You can set all three to display the same thing. But like I said, you could do it with one card, with a Y-cable to the monitor and projector. Just set the display to a setting both can do.

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