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I received a Toshiba Satellite L45-S7409 laptop for Christmas and I'm interested in upgrading the processor. It has a Intel T2310 1.46 GHz dual core processor and I want to know what my upgrade options are. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Hello adrian2055;

    You're going to be limited by the motherboard chipset and socket type:
    Mobile Intel® GL960 Express Chipset specs and socket is PPGA478.
  2. From CPU World: Pentium Dual-Core Mobile T2310
    Show related & motherboard compatible CPUs. You'll want to stay in the same 35W TDP as the T2310 so that makes the logical replacement choices:
    Pentium T4400 2.2Ghz
    Pentium T4500 2.3Ghz
  3. You can add this as another option:
    Celeron M 570 2.2Ghz

    There won't be any graphics upgrade options with that motherboard.

    Do you have any idea where the laptop was bought, how much it was (and what that stores return policy on laptops is?)
  4. Hi WR2,

    Thanks for the fast reply. I was told that it came from a local resale shop so I'm pretty sure it only has a 60-90 day warranty and I don't know the original purcahase date so it may have expired. I didn't get any paper work or the receipt either. I was told that the laptop cost about $150 including sales tax. Thanks for the link and the suggestions. I will get a T4500 off eBay since they are so cheap. Thank you so much for this info. You've been a HUGE help to me.
  5. You'll want to do some more research on the method of CPU replacement before you go ahead and place the order.

    I haven't found a place you download a Toshiba Satellite L45 Service and Maintenance manual yet.

    And the TOSHIBA SATELLITE L45 Disassembly instructions I've seen so far is leading me to think the CPU replacement isn't going to be easy.

  6. That's the only guide I've found too. Looks like this will be a major pain to do, but I have to try.
  7. I had to revisit this thread for a second. I was going to purchase the upgrades today, but now I'm wondering if the upgrades will be enough or are they simply pointless. I know many people are moving to computers with more than 2 cores/large amounts of ram and and I'm sure software makers will start utilizing additional cores/ram as well. This laptop is kinda limited since it can only have 2GB ram and a 2.3Ghz dual core processor and pretty much stuck on 32-Bit since a 64-Bit OS would probably run very slow with teh small amount of ram. If I install these upgrades will it be able to handle certain things like HD Video Conversion/Editing...etc with up to date versions of Pinnacle Studio and other programs like it, Blu-ray Disc Playback/Burning (if I choose to install a blu-ray burner in the future), Music Editing and Adobe Programs (CS3 and up)?
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