GF3 Ti200 got a question to ask

hi guys i have gf3 ti200 64mb on amd xp 1800+
got a pc chips 266 810lr mobo

i ran cpuid (program) other day it reports most things correctly~
However when i checked into the chipset info page, my graphics card has agp4x enabled (good) but 'fast write' and 'side band addressing' disabled and they are both supported. So i'm thinking if they are supported why are they disabled ? And if they are disabled how can i enable ?

If anyone has the slightest clue how to enable them please reply~ Thanx!!!
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  1. Both Fast Writes and SBA should be accessible from the system BIOS. I can't speak for the SBA, but in my experience Fast Writes do absolutely nothing for performance on newer cards (not sure about the GeF3, but I doubt it would matter much).

    The reason it is off is that it often causes stability problems (even when it's supposedly supported). I know ATI recommends that it always be kept off (and every BIOS I've ever seen defaults to having it off as well).

    Give it a try if you want, but I doubt you'll see much of a benefit (and watch out for stability issues).

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  2. You might be able to enable sba in the display properties, but I doubt it. It's most likely in the bios, as the other fellow said.

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