Budget gaming sub 140$

I can spend up to 140$ on a new video card. What do you recommend I get? Also if you have a good deal could you pass it along to me?
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  1. Radeon 9500 non-Pro or a GeForce4 Ti4200-8X

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  2. dont get the geforce 4 "mx" series, no matter what you do
  3. 140$ CAN or US or ?
  4. Well said.

    The GeForce 4 MX is crap. No pixel shaders or anything. I swopped mine for a MSI Geforce 3. I have never looked back. And there is no real price differece.
  5. The Radeon 9500 is in your price range. It uses the same GPU as the Radeon 9700, but crippled with slower memory and fewer pixel pipelines.

    Even with thes limitations however, it performs on par with a geforce4 Ti 4200, and when you turn on FSAA and anistropic filtering it does much better.

    Plus, it is DirectX 9 compatible instead of DirectX 8 compatible.

    ALthough if you can afford the extra $$$ for the 9500 PRO version, it's quite a bit better. But for $140 US, you should be able to find a Radeon 9500 non-pro version.

    Hope this helps,

    - Cleeve
  6. Radeon 9500 is going to your best buy right now, or wait a month and save a few bucks to get a Radeon 9700.

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  7. or a 9200 when it comes out (dx9 compliant i think.. someone correct me? )

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  8. what I heard is that 9200 is based on R200..so it won't support DX9 as I know
  9. Ok where do i get a radeon 9500 for under 140$ us ?
  10. Radeon 9200 is based on R200 core. Like R8500/9000/9100 series, it's DX8 compliant, not DX9.

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  11. ahhh so its an uber fast 8500. sweet.

    and you cant get a 9500 as far as i know... o.O

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  12. Actually it's a slowed down R8500, like R9000 series

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  13. Actually it's a sped-up 9000. The 9100 is the accelerated (or not depending on make) 8500LE variant.
    The RV280 is more like an RV250 (9000) with it's single texture unit per pipe. Although of course they all came from the R200 in theory.

    In any case, it's a lesser choice if you can get a GF4 or 9500.

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  14. The Radeon 9200 is a DirectX 8 part, not DirectX 9. It is basically a higher-clocked Radeon 9000

    You go to pricewatch.com to find cheap Radeon 9500s. You can get them as cheap as $131 with shipping if you live in the US...

    - Cleeve
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